About Us

MÖBEL STORY (formerly known as Hi Ko) is a home-grown Singapore furniture company with extensive knowledge and experience in exquisite handcrafted designer furniture and decorative arts.

A recipient of the 2012’s Singapore Outstanding Entrepreneur Awards, MÖBEL STORY believes that behind every quality piece of furniture and artwork, is a story to tell and aims to showcase the unique and individual tales of each piece.

With a newly launched flagship concept store located at the tranquil Loewen Road by Dempsey Hill, the MÖBEL STORY’s 4,000 square feet show floor features a wide range of furniture pieces from world-renowned European brands such as hülsta, now! by hulsta, Leolux, Kymo, Paola C and FLEXA, offering a unique blend of style and elegance in its designer furniture items made of the highest quality.

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